You Are Meant to Thrive

What does it mean to grow, develop and flourish as a human? Obviously, struggling just to get by, isn’t it. Many people live lives expressing only a fraction of their passion and potential. How about you? Do you feel the pulse of inspiration beating inside of you? Are you filled with the desire to be and have more in life but just can’t get enough momentum to achieve your dreams and goals?

Important Question to Ask Yourself

Coaches ask questions, this is how they help you find what’s true for you. So I have a question for you. “Do you think it takes more or less energy to hold yourself back from achieving a goal than it does just to do it?

Your answer to that question is critical because it holds the key to the underlying beliefs you have about yourself. Understanding what you believe (your beliefs) about yourself, others, and the world are just one of the seven forces that motivate you. Understanding what inspires you is vital to knowing how to take action. And when you know how to take consistent action in your life, you will trust yourself. You will learn how to learn, how to fail, and how to bounce back. This will give you the confidence to trust life, and in doing so, you will shift out of survival mode. In your progress, you will begin to focus on what you can do, and you will thrive.

So my next question is, “If you could harness the power of your intelligence, logic, imagination, thoughts, emotions, sensations, intuition, and memory, what is the first thing you want to accomplish next in your life?

If you are struggling to put your finger on your next goal or don’t know how to take the next step, please accept my invitation for a discovery call. Athletes, professionals, and businesses all hire coaches to help them improve their health, performance, relationships, and achieve their goals. All in the comfort of your own home.

I can help you thrive.

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