Relationship Coach

What is Relationship Coaching?

Create Quality Relationships

A Relationship Coach assists you in developing, nurturing, and deepening your relationship so that they are lasting and fulfilling. Through the help of a relationship coach, you will learn how to improve your ability to connect more deeply, communicate less defensively, resolve conflict, develop more trust and understanding, enjoy more satisfying sexy time and have more joy.

Why It Is Critical To Nurture Your Relationship

Thoughtful and loving relationships are essential in creating a life full of meaning and purpose. There are many reasons why investing in developing healthy relationships is so critical. Not only do they increase the quality of your experiences, but they also contribute to your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of belonging. Cultivating a healthy relationship also helps you to make better decisions, experience fewer negative emotions, and feel more optimistic about life. If those aren't reasons enough, a healthy relationship significantly improves your health and longevity.

Unfortunately, most of us lack a healthy model or understanding of what a healthy relationship is, much less how to nurture it. Thankfully, through the help of Your Online Relationship Coach, you will gain clarity and understanding of how to navigate the complexities and dynamism inherent in your relationship, ensuring a meaningful connection that will last a lifetime.

You can grow old and be happier together, but it won't happen without effort. The healthiest and happiest relationships require your presence, attention, and attunement. Reach out today to explore how Your Online Relationship Coach can help you improve your relationship and save your marriage.

Relationship Coach

Improve Communication

Increase Intimacy

Reduce Conflict

Have more Fun

Relationship Coach

Create More Passion

Deepen Connection

Expand Intimacy

Enjoy More Romance

Relationship Coach

Share a Vision

Dream and Plan Together

Support and Encourage one another

Enjoy Shared Experiences

About Shelly

Your Breakthrough Awaits

I am Shelly Lynott, the founder of Your Online Life Coach. As a professional coach, my role is as your guide, assisting you to improve your life, health, relationships, performance, business, and achieve your goals. Through the life coaching process, I share insights, models, and techniques to help you make the most of your life – in all areas of your life.
I believe wholeheartedly that every person can learn, grow, transform, and succeed. I am happy to facilitate that discovery by providing a safe place and a positive process for personal growth, empowerment, achievement, and transformation. I hope you will accept my invitation to explore how Life Coaching can help you make the most of your life.

“Life coaching is a powerful way of improving your quality of life. Shelly Lynott is an incredibly insightful person. Her ability to distill issues to their source is enlightening. She often refers to the latest scientific research in areas of human health and performance providing deeper insight. Coaching sessions with Shelly have drastically improved my work performance, the quality of my relationships as well as my own sense of well being.”

Charles Bradford – Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Performance Coaching

“Shelly has an incredible gift for helping people shift their perspectives about old beliefs and habits into a healthier and more holistic state of being. She uses numerous tools for each individual, so the information feels natural and personalized…there’s nothing scripted about Shelly; her guidance comes from intuition, love, and experience. She uses quotes at just the right times, making the lessons even more profound while giving you a memorable takeaway. Shelly has a beautiful, generous, and open spirit and while she guides expertly in fresh perspectives, encouraging and reminding, she never judges or condemns. She is by far the best coach I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her. If you want deep and lasting change, Shelly is your Coach.”

Nancy Hon – Real Estate Agent, Arizona

Life Coaching

“Shelly helps me break through the emotional barriers and psychological blocks holding me back from reaching my goals. Every session gives another “Aha!” experience. If you are looking for a coach, don’t hesitate to sign up for your clarity call with Shelly.”

Fredrik Bakke – Marketing Director, Norway

Business Coaching

“I’ve found that my new mantra of ‘SLOW DOWN” has already helped me several times this afternoon and evening!!! It is just amazing!!!! I’m astounded that it is exactly what I needed to know. The more I think about the imagery that came to me during my session, the more I want to paint it. I’d like to do this with you again……it is really cool and BEAUTIFUL!! All of the answers are within ourselves.”

Linda – Artist, Scottsdale, Arizona

Business Coaching

“Shelly gets to the core issue better than any coach I have worked with. She combines her unique mixture of coaching tools, deep empathy and incredible insight forged through a lifetime of self reflection and outside guidance to thoroughly understand all issues involved. She has a way of looking into your heart and your head and offering a clear path to achieve your goals and desires.”

Paul Duppen – Business Owner, North Carolina

Life Coaching

“There are so many talented people in this world. I have found that most of them are good at what they do. Once in a while you find some one that simply excels. Shelly Lynott is gifted. She has a huge bag of tools from which to pull. She listened and picked just what I needed each session to help me move forward. I highly recommend her.”

Rita Singh – Business Owner, Utah

Life Coaching

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of your kindness, caring and ideas that you have provided. It is hard for me to put into words how much we appreciate what you have helped us with. Jack is writing in his journal, speaking up about what he wants for his future and being much happier in general. He is actually looking forward to our future life together. We will definitely keep in touch with you and would like to have a session with you once in a while if that is possible. Take care and God Bless.”

Wendy Neal – Realtor Idaho, USA

Relationship Coaching

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The best way I have found to help you explore the life coaching process is by scheduling a time to have a heart to heart conversation. I offer a free discovery call to gives us the time to meet, answer questions, and explore if we are a good fit.