The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness is a branch of study within Positive Psychology. The focus is on pinpointing the primary elements for creating a healthy, happy and rewarding life. As it turns out, The Science of Happiness is having a profound and positive effect worldwide. The results have broadened our understanding of what makes individuals, groups and populations flourish. The Science of Happiness has provided a way for us to discover, more than ever, our capacity to create lives and relationships that are meaningful and satisfying, which of course makes us happier.

As a Science of Happiness Trainer, I get to share an extraordinary collection of insights and practices that will help you to understand and regulate your thoughts, emotions, choices, and relationships. I use “The Happiness Journey” book as a guide to assist you in maximizing the blessings of a more optimistic mindset.

Some of these benefits include insights and practices that help you to interrupt negative thoughts, understand the purpose of emotions and how to better interpret them, increase your ability to make better decisions and improve intimacy and connection.

Call me today to schedule your one-on-one Science of Happiness Coaching session. Or you can turn The Science of Happiness into an event that improves the lives of those you love. All you need to do is gather your friends and family together in a group, and together we’ll travel the path of The Happiness Journey – an experience that will make all of you happier.

Science of Happiness Corporate Training

Be happier, live fuller, and work better

$450 billion is lost every year due to disengaged employees. The Happiness Journey workshops use the Science of Happiness to transform the way an organization thinks, operates, and interacts. Learn how to develop leaders, improve productivity, and increase profits with scientific tools.

Get started today! – We can coordinate, in person or online sessions.

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