Being successful is subjective and relative.  Yes, success is different for every person. That’s why it is important to have a clear vision of what success means to you.  It is also important to know that being successful is a moving target. There is no “one goal.” You will set a goal, work towards achieving it, experience a sense of accomplishment  AND THEN be filled with the desire to achieve something new again.  Becoming successful is part of your nature. Your ability to express your potential is endless, so why not have fun trying to express it in as many ways as you can dream?

Success is often defined by the achievement of your desired goal or outcome, yet it is so much more than that. Success is the feeling state of excellence. It is a state of complete appreciation for striving for and having known you can achieve all that inspires you. This is at the heart of life itself – the desire to express your potential.

You live in an abundant universe where possibilities are endless. Success is a result of inspiration pulsing inside of you … nudging you to keep learning and yearning for more. Feeling more successful indicates a state of thriving. Pursuing your dreams and goals engages you into meaningful experiences.  Through your achievements, you come to know your strengths, limitations, values and your character. One of life’s greatest pleasures is feeling satisfaction about fulfilling a commitment to yourself. It is you who truly wins when you stay the course to arrive at your desired outcome. Plus, when you have the courage and commitment to reach for your dreams, you gift the belief of dreaming and reaching to others.

The path to success and excellence requires a plan otherwise it is too easy to get distracted, quit, or stray off course. Some of the components of a good plan include: clear vision of your target or goal, a personal definition of success, must be  perceived as achievable and in a way that is congruent your values, clear motivation, attitude of excellence, unwavering commitment, reliable and repeatable routines, measurability, and more.  It’s helpful to have someone on your side helping you to stay on track.

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