Robbed of Happiness

Are you being robbed of happiness? Are you a “realist” ? I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought my penchant for calling it “like it is” helped me to stay grounded. Unfortunately, that belief is slowly turning into cynicism and that is robbing me of my happiness.

Yesterday was The International Day of Happiness … another wonderful holiday declared by the United Nations. (Can you hear my sarcasm?) Personally, these observances really don’t mean that much to me. I see them as fake holidays. Do I sound a little too cynical? Perhaps? I definitely consider myself a realist. But has this tendency to be “real” helped me to be happier? The answer is a resounding NO! I’ve recently learned that my tendency to be a little “too real” has been interfering with my level of happiness. This new understanding hasn’t made me want to run out and throw a Happiness Day party, but it has helped me to become more aware of how I process thoughts. And with this new awareness I am making positive changes that are influencing the quality of my life and improving my happiness level.

Becoming aware of our thoughts is an important ingredient toward making better choices but that’s not the entire picture. It is just as important to understand how we process our thoughts. Seriously, if our “thinkin” is “stinkin” we are going to be stuck like a dog chasing his tail…spinning ourselves into a small circle. Unlike the dog that knows how to let go of his tail. We are often left in a tornado of confusion that can easily lead us into the darkness of depression. But life doesn’t have to remain that way. Through education, discussion and sharing we are learning that we can clear the clutter and influence our level of happiness.

Here’s the goods. There is an immense volume of research that is being done on the subjects of wellbeing, quality of life and happiness. Scientist, Neuroscience, Psychologist, Economist, Think Tanks, Governments, Cities, Nations and more have been researching these subjects for the last two decades. The information that is coming out of this work is helping people all over the world define what happiness really is. This movement is also helping individuals; communities and nations refocus their priorities from GDP toward quality of life.

The reality is “life is short.” Why not make the most of it? This type of “realism” will help you to create a foundation of self-awareness that boosts your self-esteem, provides you with courage to face your fears and fills your life with meaningful relationships. Join Me…Be Happier Now.

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