Numb Will Never Get It Done

What lens are you using to sense the world? Or are you so numb that indifference has robbed you of a fun and exciting life? If so,  please let me pull out my ball peen hammer and remind you – being numb will never get it done. Us humans are sensual creatures.  You need your senses tuned in and turned on to extract the meaning and fullness of life.

  • Can you see the wonder in it all? Are you able to maintain the big picture while entertaining the details?
  • What flavors are you allowing yourself to taste? Are you able to balance the bitter with sweet?
  • Does an aroma whisk you to another time and place? Or perhaps, it brings you more  into the here and now?
  • Do you hear to listen? What is audible right now? Does it move you and fill you with the desire to dance and sing in the possibilities?
  • Do you touch to in order to feel the deep sense of textures and shapes? Do you allow yourself the pleasure of extracting their essence?

These are just a few questions we can ask ourselves to help us return to the richness of life after we discover we have become surrounded by the stress of our overstimulated lives.

Sadly, life can rub us so hard that we get into the habit of offering one knee-jerk reaction after another in an attempt to sooth ourselves back to a state of wellbeing. But it never works. Instead, we get caught up in a cycle of resistance that ends up cutting us off from enjoying life as a sensual experience and the information and pleasures they provide.

This isn’t really living. It’s an apathetic stance that robs you of the precious time you have here to connect and share in meaningful ways. The only way to move past this negative gut response is to go back inside. You must begin with you. You must relearn how to stand centered and grounded in your skin. There are no other answers out that can correct the habit of numb. It all starts and stops with you. Inside right where you are right now.

Some of the reasons we form this habit are because we are afraid of being wrong or feeling rejected. Perhaps your discomfort is a sign that it’s time to reassess? Can you see it on the billboard of your mind right now? Once you recognize it is not working, isn’t time to make a change?

Remember we are assessing, interpreting and perspective making through our senses. Use your senses now to help you step back into the flow of life because numb will never get it done.

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