How to Find Inspiration

One of my favorite quotes is from Picasso, “Inspiration exists but it must find you working.” Do you know what inspires you? Personally, I find inspiration in the simple things. This last week I was inspired by my son, who said, “Mom, why don’t you finish what you start?  Every time I sit down to use your computer I find you have so many windows open. You have lots of great ideas. Why don’t you just finish them?”

His words have been rambling around my brain for a couple of days. I had to ask myself, why don’t I complete things? I had to dig a little deep to find the answer . . . and when it rose to the surface, I found his question to be right on target.  He inspired me to become accountable.  My son definitely ignited a renewed sense of self and purpose.

How often do you listen to your inner fire? Are you paying attention to life or are you mostly stuck in your head?  Inspiration comes from our hearts, the home of our passion. If you are in your head more than your heart—it makes sense that you might not be listening to your inner fire.

When I sit down to write, I am inspired by the thought of sharing new perspectives with others.  It is always my hope to resonate . . . to connect. Inspiration is everywhere . . . but we must be tuned in.

I remember growing up around crusty old farmers who despite their rough exteriors were passionate about the earth and what they could grow.  What I learned from them is that our inspiration provides us with the muse that seeds our creativity, when we cut ourselves off from our creativity we lose the joy of living fully.

Be inspired. Delve deep into its trenches until you come out with something to share!

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