How A Certified Life Coach Can Help You Save Time, Energy, Money & Frustration

Spring Cleaning Is Similar to Life Coaching

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been cleaning my closets and cupboards. Unlike years past when I’ve simply organized and cleaned, I took a different approach this year. I spent more time evaluating each item for its actual value and usefulness in my life.

Through this process, I discovered that I no longer need to hang on to something for the sake of having it. Or just in case I might need it or because I once spent a small fortune on it. The truth is I have already received the full value of that item and more.  This is especially true for my clothes closet. Shoes, purses, jewelry, and every garment have now been evaluated. Gone are items that once fit my younger frame or were for a lifestyle I no longer lead.

Today, I am now experiencing a new way of being. One that is filled with more ease and freedom. And I didn’t have to move!  I reimagined my life. Now I have more space and time to be me and to focus on what truly matters most. Plus, getting dressed or cooking has never been easier or this much fun.

All this spring cleaning reminds me of the life coaching process. Before my cleanse, I wasn’t aware of how frustrated I was with my space. I just felt weighed down. I was bored with my wardrobe and uninspired in the kitchen. In many ways, I just felt stuck. Fortunately, I listened to my wiser self, followed my curiosity and sought out the wisdom of professional organizers, and even went as far as hiring a personal image consultant. (Thank you, Clarisse!  https://clarissecolorcreations.comTheir professional methods and encouragement have saved me time, energy, frustration and provided me with results that are more than I could have imagined alone. 

Struggling Alone Is Not An Effective Decision

Most of us know we could be or do things better. Unfortunately, we tend to be easily overwhelmed.  Despite having a good idea of what we need to do, most individuals struggle with prioritizing and planning. You can’t keep looking at the top of the mountain and expect to make it.  Instead, achievement comes from focusing on the step you are on now and never giving up. When we think too much about the end, we often feel flooded with too many tasks. This can trigger feeling stuck and hopeless. These feelings and sensations can quickly disrupt your ability to follow through and cause you to give up.

Unbeknownst to most of us, when our perspective is challenged, we lose confidence in ourselves and our abilities. To further complicate matters, many of us are also weighed down by our past or are stuck in a rut that we are not even conscious of.  What we don’t know that we don’t know can absolutely undermine our happiness and abilities. It is not until we are inspired to see ourselves or our circumstances differently that we are filled with the desire to change. For this reason, seeking the assistance of someone who has experience in overcoming their personal challenges is essential.

Are You Taking Yourself Seriously Enough

In my 16 years as a life coach, it still surprises me just how many individuals don’t understand the value of a process of personal growth and having someone in your corner to guide and encourage you. The truth is that we all need one another to help expand our understanding, see our blindspots, face our fears, and experience the warmth of belonging. Naturally, our intimate relationships are often complex, making it difficult to sort out our projections and expectations. It often takes someone who has no personal history to help you see yourself differently.

Investing in your development is essential but something we often shy away from. It can feel too indulgent and selfish. But just because these feelings exist doesn’t mean they are necessarily true. These feelings are nothing more than ideas. Just because a person is conditioned to believe something, it doesn’t make them true. The heart of the matter is that far too many individuals just don’t take themselves and their lives seriously. Many just get by, stuck on survival instead of learning how to thrive.

Personal Growth Contributes To Everyone

Self-development is others’ development. Whether we know it or not, we are influencing others just by our being. Owning your influence is not selfish or indulgent. It is responsible. When you make your life and dreams your priority – you bring your best self to all of your relationships and endeavors. Self-development improves life for you and everyone. Just like clearing your external clutter can significantly change your life, so too is investing in yourself.

Who do you turn to to help you improve your life and help you achieve your dreams? As a Certified Life Coach, I implore you to invest in your inner space, to clear the clutter, so to speak and free yourself of all that no longer serves you. You can see yourself and your possibilities with a fresh perspective. You can change your relationship with your inner world and enjoy more peace, freedom, confidence, and purpose. The more comfortable you are in your skin, the deeper and more meaningful your relationships will become. It is inner improvements that help you make wiser decisions, become more productive, and increase your ability to connect with others. This is how working with a Certified Life Coach can save you time, energy, money, frustration, and pain.

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