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Who do you turn to help you accomplish a goal or realize a dream?  Who do you turn to for help to solve your problems, overcome your obstacles and face your fears?  If you are like most people, you don’t have that, “one person,” who has the skills and tools to guide you past your challenges, fears, and doubts to help you realize your dreams.

Athlete’s, professionals and businesses all hire coaches to help them improve their health, performance, relationships and achieve their goals. You can too!

As Your Online Life Coach,  I can help you change and transform your life. You can be  healthier, happier, and more successful.




Life is full of incredibly complex interactions. You might be surprised to learn that you are processing over 8.6 quadrillion messages a day — relating to yourself, others and the world.

There are so many things that require your attention, focus, and energy. Life can be pleasuring you in one moment, teaching you in another and providing you with a new opportunity in the next.

Your life experience is full of a network of thoughts, emotions, sensations, choices and relationships.  It is truly miraculous. Your brain is constantly sorting, sifting, processing, evaluating, storing and deleting. It works hard trying to perceive and interpret. Unfortunately, life didn’t come with an operators manual. We need each other to understand how live fully.

With all that processing life can get complicated very quickly. Feelings of overwhelm, worry, anxiety and fear can interrupt your state of well-being. It's no wonder that we get so stressed out. Thankfully, stress is only meant to be temporary. It is meant to help you re-evaluate and reorient so that you can stay alive in life-threatening situations or it can be a trigger to help you grow, learn, adapt and evolve. Stress was never meant to be a constant way of life.
You were not born just to survive and get by. You are meant to thrive.

Life isn’t that complicated, but us humans sure have made it so. Most of us just want to live fulfilling lives being a good human being.  We want to be true to ourselves as we express different facets of our potential. We want to be filled with feelings of love, contentment, hope and joy within ourselves and with those we love.   We want to feel a sense of purpose and contribution.  And we want to know there is meaning in life itself.

The challenge is in navigating through all the possibilities. Life offers so many things from which to choose. There are endless distractions and fantastical options along the way.  It’s easy to lose sight of what’s true and meaningful. Figuring out what you want, what it takes to achieve it, and  unlocking the motivation to take consistent action is where Your Online Life Coach makes a difference.

Your Online Life Coach Helps You Walk Your Path

You are meant to be empowered to live a happy and fulfilling life, not to be overwhelmed and stressed out all the time. Believe me, there is nothing good that comes from staying stuck or feeling trapped.  It is time to set yourself free from those stressed out, painful and fearful feelings.

Change and transformation happen in small manageable steps. Your Online Life Coach makes a difference by helping you to release those shrinking feelings caused by doubt, stress, overwhelm, shame, guilt and fear.

As Your Online Life Coach, I will help you to shed limiting layers, remember your strengths and abilities, make better choices and take deliberate action – all to empower you to stand in your light and integrity.

Life Coaching Works

Improves Self Confidence
Improves Relationships
Improves Communication Sills
Improves Work Performance
Improves Life/Work Balance

Shelly Lynott - Your Online Life Coach

Your Online Life Coach Empowers YOU!
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