Are you living your life authentically?
Can express your real feelings to others?
Are you willing to be your true self?
Are willing to thrive and not just survive?
You are ready to create the "what's next" in your life?



Identify, Clarify, Realize

Do you feel indecisive?
Are you afraid to make a decision?
Plan your next job or career move?
Do you find yourself drifting aimlessly without a direction?
Do you want to find your own unique path?



Embracing Change

Are you afraid to change?
Are you stuck in a dead-end job?
Are you trapped in the cogwheel of resistance?
Are you living according to someone else's idea of
who you should be?
Are you afraid to take risks?
Do you feel as though you are grasping at the edge of a stream unable to flow—because you are stuck on survive?



Bring Out Your Greatness!

Are you living your life expressing your greatness?
Do you know what's holding you back?
Have you dreamed of a better you?
A better life, job or career?
Are you stuck on the "my life sucks" merry-go-round?
How do you move forward?




Are you able to be honest with yourself and others?
Do you respect your mind, body and spirit by nurturing it daily?
Are you able to easily identify your feelings, wants,
needs and desires?
Do you have trouble communicating?
What is the foundation of a healthy relationship?


Living Well

Living Well

Are you feeling exhausted and depressed?
Have you lost the joy in life?
Is your schedule running you instead of you
running your schedule?
Are you having a difficult time managing your money or time?
Are you having a difficult time losing weight?


Manual Cover F v2 copy


Most of us want to change something in our lives but struggle to adopt a new idea long enough to take hold. Instead of making changes, we get stuck in habitual cycles that threaten our confidence. Fortunately, The HAPPINESS JOURNEY is not just another book; it's an instrument for change.

The HAPPINESS JOURNEY is full of the latest science and research on how to be happier. This 'ah-ha' inducing text contains 108 concepts that are woven into an adult learning method that insures integration...the most effective way to learn and change.

While embarking on The HAPPINESS JOURNEY we will learn and apply these proven scientific insights to increase our self-awareness, confidence and connections. These are very important keys to being happier.

I've adopted The HAPPINESS JOURNEY as a base to my Life Coaching business because it makes a difference in the foundation of your life. Join me and receive the groundbreaking textbook called The HAPPINESS JOURNEY, 6 hours of discussions (four classes of 90 minutes each) that are packed full of examples, insights and inspiration from my years of helping others. Plus, I share my own reflections as I assimilate these concepts into my own life. The sharing is open, honest and real ... its both fun and life changing. You get all of this for the price of just one of my personal coaching sessions. That's a bargain that will make your checkbook happier and you. happier!

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towards greater happiness.


"Just saying thanks for your time, conversation, advice and love. You have a wonderful gift in your ability to communicate on such a substantive level. I appreciate the opportunity I had to share some moments and candid dialog with you. I wish I could have somehow recorded our conversations because as time goes by, the wisdom you shared with me becomes less tangible. Today I was reviewing and saving the lessons I received in email form, and I am happy that I have them to refer to. I enjoyed your follow-up phone call too. Thanks again for your commitment to the well being of yourself and others. I take comfort knowing you are there if I need your future counsel. Love to you."
— Tom, Heber City, Utah

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