Shelly Lynott

by Shelly Lynott, January 2, 2015

Meet Shelly Lynott

As a Professional

It is through Life Coaching that Shelly passes on the tools she uses in her daily practice for living a fulfilling and meaningful life. With more than 20 years of experience, Shelly Lynott specializes in one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Her holistic approach to life coaching helps you to improve your confidence, health, performance, relationships, and achieve your goals.

Shelly provides Coaching, Science of Happiness, and Soft Skills training to individuals, couples, teams, and businesses all over the world. These sessions are conducted through online video conferences and live workshops. 


Shelly is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Science of Happiness Trainer®, and Mind Body Eating Coach®. In addition, she has also attended Yoga Teacher Training, HypnoBirthing®, Effective Negotiating®, and Emotion Theater®. Shelly continues her love for life long learning through programs provided by NICAMB and other personal growth and empowerment professionals.

Her Life Coaching process is relational (s0ft skills) and trauma-informed. Her holist approach to the Life Coaching process utilizes:  •Reflective and Empowering Questioning •Emotional Intelligence & Resilience •Non-Defensive Communication •Conflict Resolution•Adaptive Skills •Mindfulness •Meditation •Imagery •Modeling •Hypnosis •The Learning Loop •Embodiment and •Breathwork.

She is an advocate for creating a healthy lifestyle supported by root cause and education-based medical strategies that promote healthy habits surrounding sleep, nutrition, movement, connection, and joy. 

Shelly’s understanding of business and leadership was gained, in large part, through her participation in a 25-year marriage and partnership with a successful Angel Investor and Entrepreneur. In the early ’90s, Shelly worked for her husband’s high tech start-up company, Scitec Corporation. Together they reached the success-disengagement substage reading it for exponential growth. After the successful sale of Scitec Corporation, they were financially free to create a new opportunity.  They formed a small company to evaluate new business opportunities, assist in turnarounds, and provide funding for start-ups. 

Shelly LynottPersonally

Shelly is a guide, empath, innovator, and trauma survivor.  She often refers to herself as a professional encourager, something she believes the world needs more of.  As a former competitor at the FEI level in Dressage, she loves to work with athletes to improve their performance, overcome challenges, develop routines, and regain the joy after setbacks and loss. 

Shelly expresses her creativity through photography and storytelling. And of course, she loves being a Mom, Auntie, Sister, and “Tink” (her grandma name).

An Invitation To You

Shelly welcomes all questions. Please feel free to chat with her or schedule a time to have a heart to heart conversation through a free discovery call. The best way to reach her is to call or text her directly at 425-977-5165.  You may prefer to schedule a request using the calendar or the chat feature on the website, or you can send an email using the form. If Shelly is not available on the chat, she will return your request within 48 hours.

Her genuine, heartwarming, and encouraging manner will open you up instantly, empowering you to shed the layers of fear and limitations that have held you back and stuck

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"Shelly gets to the core issue better than any coach I have worked with. She combines her unique mixture of coaching tools, deep empathy and incredible insight forged through a lifetime of self reflection and outside guidance to thoroughly understand all issues involved. She has a way of looking into your heart and your head and offering a clear path to achieve your goals and desires.” Paul New York