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Stress, worry, and overwhelm are often a result of negative feeling habits that keep your chemistry in a state of alarm.  These habits are counter-productive to achieving health and happiness.  One of the most helpful ways to change these habits is to meditate.  For many, learning how to meditate is foreign and often difficult to learn alone. Having a model or guide can make all the difference. My goal is to provide you with a tool that helps you to relax into it.  Once you experience the benefits for yourself, then it becomes much easier to try it again.

One of the reasons meditation is so helpful is that it gives your brain a much-needed rest. Making time to meditate, or “conscious relaxing” is “slowing down to speed up.” Your brain is processing 8.6 quadrillion messages a day. That number is astounding and makes sense why resting and resetting your brain every day is so important. Relaxing your mind is a healthy habit that reduces depression and the risk of disease. It increases awareness and provides you with energy and has been proven to improve performance. Subscribe and join me as I guide you into a better state of wellbeing. Just Let Go is my gift to you a way to make a difference in your life right now.

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