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Balance- Ambient


BE YOU . . . Balance

Balance is part one of an eight-session series of audio experiences to assist you in being your best self. It’s Shelly’s way of helping you to reconnect with your inner self and remember your natural state of being.

Our everyday world is full of countless stress triggers that cause us to shrink back from our lives. In an effort to guard ourselves from the threat of pain and discomfort we create a false layer of protection. This false layer doesn’t allow our true nature to shine . . . it disconnects us from our authenticity and robs us of our vitality. This constant state of stress has been proven to put our well-being at risk.

In order to gain back our vitality we must first remember how to live authentically. Remembering how to BE YOU requires slowing down, breathing, letting go of the stress, facing your fears and envisioning state of well- being. When we remember our lovable and capable selves we are better equipped to use our voice and energy to take action at being our best selves.

Give yourself permission to relax, let go and envision your well-being with the assistance of Shelly’s soothing voice and gentle guidance. Creating by MindWorks Recording Studio’s in Scottsdale, Arizona these guided journeys assist you in connecting to your inner healer. Each session is approximately 30 minutes in length and has been professionally recorded, mixed and mastered in our studios.

In order to receive the greatest benefit from this audio recording, you’ll want to sit in fully supported and a slightly reclined position in a location where you will not be disturbed. Using headphones will also enhance your ability to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Remember, consistency matters.  The more you allow yourself  time to practice the state of relaxation, the more your life will benefit.  By listening once every day, you will begin to notice yourself being less reactive and able to manage stress more effectively.

In order to be the best you that you can be requires balance. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel, and much easier life is when you feel balanced? Have you also noticed how difficult even small tasks are when you are feeling out of wack?  When things are tougher than they normally are, that’s when your brain is asking for a time out. When you ignore your inner signals and try to steam roll ahead, things often go from bad to worse.  That’s because you are out of balance.  Being out of balance is a state of contradiction.  That’s when one part of you is saying one thing while the other is wanting another.  There is no power in opposition. In order to regain your clarity, you must reunite your body and brain.
When you are out of balance, it’s time to give yourself and your brain a break.  Join me as I guide you through 30 minutes of much-needed downtime.   In this guided audio session, you will follow my voice in a progressive relaxation that helps you to focus on your breath and specific muscles to release the tension cause by contradiction.  Using your mind and breath in a positive way, you can use your powerful focus for you instead of against you.  You can assist your nerves and muscles in releasing their stressful grip so that you can soften back into a state of openness and ease. It is here, in this state of openness that you can regain your sense of well-being and power.


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